About Us

About Us

My Story

After living in Seattle for a few years where the humidity forces anyone with curly hair (like myself) to apply harsh chemicals and heat treatments to make my hair look good, the long-term damage was undeniable. At that point, I had two choices: Either continue applying cheap and harmful chemicals to my hair to “cover up the growing damage”, or I had to find more organic, safer alternatives.

After spending more than a year researching and trying out organic herbal, fruit, and nut oil extracts, I finally isolated a combination of ingredients that both nurtured my hair and helped protect it from the heat treatments we all love so much—and that’s not all! In fact, these nourishing ingredients are 100% organic and provide a number of long-term benefits for your hair, including:

  • Eliminate Split/Dry Ends
  • Fuller, More Lustrous Hair
  • Eliminates “Slow Growth” Areas

As my excitement grew and my hair became healthier, my friends and family all started asking me what I was doing differently. So, I started bottling my new product in my garage and selling them in Farmer’s Markets and to a growing list of thrilled customers. And I call my new product:

Nicole,CEO and Founder of Nicole’s Organics
CEO and Founder of Nicole’s Organics

Organic Thermal Pro

My Mission

My mission is simple: To create affordable, effective, 100% organic hair care products.

This is my passion and I have been doing this full time since 2013 and I love every minute of it because I am creating 100% organic and effective alternatives to the harsh chemical alternatives that are killing our hair’s health.

More products are slated for release in the coming months and I appreciate any feedback about not only the products that we have already created: But also about products that you would like to see created!

100% Organic

My Customers

Overall, Organic Thermal Pro Heat Protection Spray is one of a kind, all natural, highly effective spray that has quite honestly, blown me away. It does exactly what it says it will do,without all of the ingredients most naturalistas find to be problematic.

Christina Patrice

Owner, The Mane Objective


I have been loving it’s lightweight finish, and amazing results it has provided. It helps hold my style, while protecting my easily damageable hair. You can use it as a primer before you blow dry, and again before you use your hot tools. I also like to use it as a style finisher for extra shine. It never heavy,greasy,or like too much product in the hair!



My Guarantee

I offer a straight up 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely thrilled with my products for any reason—period. I know that everyone’s hair is different and in some cases, what works great for one person won’t work at all for the next. That’s why I don’t haggle, argue, or delay: If you aren’t thrilled, then I sincerely thank you for giving our products a try and just send back any unused product and I’ll refund the entire purchase.

To Having the Beautiful, Healthy Hair You Want and Deserve,

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CEO and Founder of Nicole’s Organics

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